PRMuseum Summer School Series, 2018

Session IV: Working as a Spokesperson in the Changing World of Corporate America

  Bob Varettoni  Director of Corporate Communications, Verizon

Bob Varettoni
Director of Corporate Communications, Verizon

There are lessons to be learned from life in a Fortune 20 company, and our upcoming Summer School series session, “Working as a Spokesperson in the Changing World of Corporate America,” is your chance to hear about them directly from an experienced corporate Media Relations professional.

Bob Varettoni, Verizon’s director of corporate communications and spokesperson for financial issues (@bvar on Twitter, @bvarphotos on IG), will share stories and insights from more than 30 years of PR experience with Verizon and its predecessor companies. Working with C-suite executives, Bob has had a front-row seat to the unprecedented change in the communications industry. Learn about M&A and crisis communications, and about the capabilities and skills companies are looking for in PR professionals in today’s job market.

Some things you may learn at the session:

  • How the nature of corporate PR is rapidly changing
  • How to differentiate yourself from PR colleagues to advance your career
  • How work life in a corporation may be very different than you think
  • What went on behind the scenes of some historic business announcements

When: Thursday, July 26, 6:00–8:00 PM
Where: WeWork, 85 Broad Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10004

The event will also be live streamed on our Facebook page. A networking session will follow the event, along with complimentary snacks and wine.

Attendance is free. To reserve your spot, please REGISTER here:

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