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Ofield: The Autobiography of Public Relations Man Ofield Dukes
With Rochelle L. Ford, Ph.D. and Rev. Unnia L. Pettus, Ph.D.

Ofield is the autobiography of Ofield Dukes, one of the nation's most influential African-American public relations pioneers. Penned before his death in 2011 and edited in 2017, it follows his career through many firsts as he counseled Civil Rights leaders, politicians, performers, governments and corporations.


Courtier to the Crowd
By Ray Eldon Hiebert

Courtier to the Crowd is the biography of public relations pioneer Ivy Ledbetter Lee. Lee tore away the insulation of the "corporate veil" from the acts of some of the greatest corporations in the world and allowed the press and public to become acquainted with the facts. His techniques eventually became known as the practice of public relations. Get your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble 


Mr. Lee's Publicity Book: A Citizen's Guide to Public Relations
Ivy Ledbetter Lee with Burton St. John III, Ph.D.

Mr. Lee's Publicity Book: A Citizen's Guide to Public Relations is Lee's only known full-length manuscript. Written in 1928, discovered in 2016, and annotated by Burton St. John III, Ph.D. in 2017, it advises how to differentiate between publicity and reality, propaganda and truth. Includes commentary from prominent scholars and historians. Get your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Books and articles you can read right now

"Century of the Self"
Adam Curtis, 2002
Transcript of the four-part series first broadcast on BBC TV

"An Open Mind: William James"
Walter Lippman, 1910

"A Preface to Politics"
Walter Lippman, 1913

"The Political Scene"
 Walter Lippman, 1919

"Liberty and the News"
Walter Lippman, 1920
— Journalism and the Higher Law
— Liberty and the News
— What Modern Liberty Means

"Public Opinion"
Walter Lippman, 1922

"The Phantom Public"
Walter Lippman, 1925

"The Indispensable Opposition"
Walter Lippman, 1939

"Wake Up, America!"
Condensed from the syndicated column by Walter Lippman, 1940

 "Today and Tomorrow"
Walter Lippman, 1942

"The Good Society"
Walter Lippman, 1944

"The Cold War"
Walter Lippman, 1947

Lyndon Johnson Conversation with Walter Lippman
December 1, 1963 (audio file)

"Crystallizing Public Opinion"
Edward L. Bernays, 1923

Edward L. Bernays, 1928

"Public Relations"
Edward L. Bernays, 1945

"Engineering of Consent"
Edward L. Bernays, 1947

"Instincts of the Herd In Peace and War"
Wilfred Trotter, 1916"

"Publicity, Some of the Things It Is and Is Not"
Ivy L. Lee, 1925

"The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind"
Gustave Le Bon, 1895

"Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media"
Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, 1988

"The Unseen Power"
Scott Cutlip, 1994


"How to Write for The Press"
G. A. Haskell, 1884

"100 Things You Should Know About Communism"
US Government document, Committee on Un-American Activities, 1949

"National Perspectives On the Development of Public Relations"
Tom Watson, 2014

"Journalism and PR: News Media and Public Relations In the Digital Age"
John Lloyd and Laura Toogood, 2015

"Rediscovering Women In Public Relations: Women in the Public Relations Journal, 1945–1972"
Karla K. Gower, 2001