A Public Relations Museum and reference library that provides an historical review of the profession through a growing collection that chronicles the evolution of the field.

Our Mission

  • Establish and maintain a museum and reference library open to the general public containing books, journals, letters, posters, and other historical artifacts that chronicle the evolution of the field of public relations; 
  • Provide an historical review of the public relations field, its pioneers, its processes and its impact on our society, displaying exhibits of the campaigns of early founders of and later contributors, relative images assembled from various origins and online surveys collecting and interpreting important data on trends in attitudes and behaviors;
  • Arrange, create, maintain, and promote appropriate historical exhibits and displays;
  • Establish and maintain an historical research collection and reference and research center focused on the evolution of the field of public relations; and
  • Promote and support ongoing historical research, sponsor and organize historical and cultural activities, programs, and events for the public and issue publications in any format addressing the field of public relations.