Our happy visitors

We sincerely thank all our visitors:

It was Great to host London PR pro David Fraser today at the Museum. Fraser is founder of Ready10, winner of PRCA's Small Consultancy of the Year award, among other distinctions.  Also pictured is the hand of Barry Spector, pointing out for David an original photo of Edward Bernays's grandmother.

Thanks to Larry Parnell's terrific students at The George Washington University for visiting the Museum on Friday. The students spent the afternoon exploring original artifacts of PR pioneers like Inez Kaiser (Rick Kaiser), Ofield Dukes (Roxi Victorian), Edward Bernays, Arthur Page and Ivy Lee. They also got a chance to explore media technologies of the past, like a stereogram, an Edison cylinder record and a 1904 candlestick phone, and leafed through PR books from Russia, Brazil and Croatia.

On May 6th, we welcomed the great students from the London College of Communications and their wonderful professor, Adrian Crookes. Prof. Crookes has brought his students to the Museum for the past 5 years as part of his annual Spring trip to NYC. The students got to hear Bernays's case studies directly from Bernays, and had a "hands-on history" experience with artifacts from PR and media history. They read the original text of Ivy Lee's 1928 manuscript, "Mr. Lee's Publicity Book," the book that went unpublished, unseen and unread until only last year. Thanks to the generosity of Ray and Sheila Gibbons Hiebert, who donated Lee's archives to the Museum, and to Burton St. John, who brought the writings to life, "Mr. Lee's Publicity Book" is now available in printed form through Amazon.