The Triple-Paneled Disney Press Kit

1941-- Disney releases an animated movie about a young circus elephant named Dumbo, and the launch is supported by a highly integrated, interactive promotional/publicity/advertising campaign. The triple-paneled press kit, when fully opened, is the length of a modern office desk. In one of the three sleeves is an 8-page "publicity and features" supplement, with ready-to-use "mat" stories from every possible angle for local news editors and the movie trades. These include articles about the film's production; a section for kids, filled with movie characters to color; and an entire Women's Page, featuring a young female illustrator "inking in" a cartoon clown featured in the film.

This press kit was sent to the Museum by a woman in Austin, whose mother was working for the vp of Paramount Pictures Art Department in the 1940s. In her letter included with the press kit, she wrote "...knowing that the materials will have a continuing life among researchers is very rewarding."

The press kit and all its contents will be on display at the Museum starting tomorrow.