The Corvette Story

1953—On this day, the first ever Corvette was assembled in Flint, Michigan. General Motors’ pioneer Harley J. Earl developed this idea in an effort to offer a low-cost competitor to Jaguars and Ferraris. The Corvette had many new and exciting features, such as a clock, cigarette lighter, red warning light when the parking brake was applied, and a six-cylinder engine. They continued to update the product to a V-8 engine, which steadily improved the appeal of the sports car. 

Along with these novel appliances, Corvette used a PR strategy throughout the establishment phase of the car that undoubtedly contributed to the original success of the product and has stayed consistent ever since. They wanted to portray more than just the physical features of the car, but also the aesthetics, the story behind the car and the seller as well. Referring to the owner of the largest collection of Corvettes in the world, Terry Michaelis, “he sells dreams and love affairs. He gives people something that they wanted when they were younger, but they had to put their careers, marriages and children’s college tuitions first…these cars are not a commodity, not a simple mode of transportation. They are rewards.” 

Storytelling advertising and cohesive PR has been essential to the success of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette brand - a brand that came to be exactly sixty-four years ago.