How the First Thanksgiving Covered 326 Years Ago

The Museum wishes all our friends a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving. And for some perspective on how this tradition first got started, read how that first Thanksgiving was covered 326 years ago in the Colonies' first multi-page newspaper.

1690- "The Christianized Indians in some parts of Plimouth, have newly appointed a day of Thanksgiving to God for his Mercy in supplying their extreme and pinching Necessities under their late want of Corn, & for His giving them now a prospe...ct of a very Comfortable Harvest..." So reported the debut issue of Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick, the first multi-page newspaper published in the English-American colonies. But this edition turned out to be its last. A week after publication, British colonial authorities shut it down, due its "reflections of a very high nature"-- in other words, its criticisms of the government. The reason given in the order, however, was that the editor had not applied for the proper publishing licenses. Read the whole newspaper here:…/PublickOccurrences.pdf

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