Public Relations Through the Ages

Museum of Public Relations founder Shelley Spector teaches a graduate-level public relations course at Baruch College CUNY. During the semester, students are conducting original research to explore how communications has impacted history through the ages. We hope these papers make an important contribution to the current body of research on the history of influence, media and public opinion.

Assignment 1: Evolution of Media Technologies
Assignment 2: Reputation Management in Ancient Egypt
Assignment 3: Greek Philosophers Counsel Modern Crises
Assignment 4: How Ancient Religious Leaders Would Appeal to Today's Millennials
Assignment 5: The Printing Press Changes Everything
Assignment 6: The Giant Impact of the Small Screen

Assignment 1: Evolution of Media Technologies

Summer 2016
Early Attempts at Virtual Reality In History
Arias Amadiz, Edward J.  Media Technology from the Past
Carli, Melodie  Traditional vs Digital Public Relations 
Cronin, Thomas  Traditional vs Digital Public Relations
Ficca, Stephanie  The Printing Press
Flexner, Jillian  Le Nozze Di Figaro—A Performance of Public Dissent
Halkias, Petros S.  Art and Culture Through PR Eyes
Ismailov, Gunel Alizade  History of Magazines
Morales, Miquel  Coin Minting as a Media Technology
Rodriguez, Damlevy  The First Electric Traffic Signal
Wang, Baijing (Candice)  The Development of the Internet

Spring 2015
Chonoles, Beth  History and Timeline of Animation 
Damalas, George  History of Publishing
Dyer, Sarah  Evolution of the Book
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Evolution of Media Technologies
McMillan, Khiara  Printed Texts During Historical Events  |  Timeline
Morris, Jodi-Ann  Camera Timeline 
Mumford, Kareem  Social Media Timeline
Plasencia, Roseanna  History of Portraiture with Timeline 
Ruiz, Francisco  History of Mail
Shteyman, Julia  From the Kinetoscope to the GoPro
Talavera, Jesus  The Telegraph
Wajntraub, Stephanie  History of Publishing 

Assignment 2: Reputation Management In Ancient Egypt

Summer 2016
The Case of Cleopatra
Arias Amadiz, Edward J.  Reputation Management for Userkaf
Carli, Melodie  Reputation Management: Egypt
Cronin, Thomas  Egyptian Public Relations (Word) (PowerPoint)
Flexner, Jillian  Hatshepsut: The King Herself
Halkias, Petros S.  Egypt vs Alexander
Ismailov, Gunel Alizade  PR Strategies for Darius I
Morales, Miquel  Resisting the Conquistadors
Rodriguez, Damlevy  18th Dynasty and the Spread of Atenism
Wang, Baijing (Candice)  The Story of Pyramid

Spring 2015
Chonoles, Beth  A Public Relations Strategy for High Priest Imhotep
Damalas, George  Thutmose III: Warrior, Leader, Promoter
Dyer, Sarah  The influence that ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had over public opinion
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Communication Plan for Ptolemy I, Satrap of Egypt
McMillan, Khiara  PR Campaign Ancient Egypt (Word) (PowerPoint)
Morris, Jodi-Ann  The Role of Influence, Media and Public Opinion on History
Mumford, Kareem  Queen Nefertiti
Plasencia, Roseanna  Pyramid at Menkaure Labor Relations
Ruiz, Francisco  Pyramid of Djoser Public Relations Plan
Shteyman, Julia  The Mummy Makers
Wajntraub, Stephanie  Egyptian Communication

Assignment 3: Ancient Philosophers Counsel Modern Crises

Spring 2015
Chonoles, Beth  Cicero Defends Purina
Damalas, George  Crisis Management Lessons from Ancient Greece
Dyer, Sarah  What Would Plato Do?
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Plato’s Consultation for Roger Goodell
McMillan, Khiara  Philosophers and the Manuscript Era
Morris, Jodi-Ann  Pathos Logos Ethos and Turbo Tax
Mumford, Kareem  Confucius and the NYPD
Plasencia, Roseanna  Aristotle on Brian Williams
Ruiz, Francisco  Socrates and Honda
Shteyman, Julia  What would Socrates Do?
Talavera, Jesus  MLB and ‘Roids with Aristotle

Assignment 4: Religious Leaders Advise Millennials

Spring 2015
Chonoles, Beth  Buddha Tweets
Damalas, George  Faith Book
Dyer, Sarah  Millennials Turn to Confucius
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Sikhism in a Post-9/11 World
McMillan, Khiara  How to Influence Millennials: PR Campaign for Religious Leaders
Morris, Jodi-Ann  Confucius and the Millennials
Mumford, Kareem  Mother Teresa Speaks to Millennials
Plasencia, Roseanna  Communication Plan for Jesus Christ Visiting NYC
Shteyman, Julia  Buddha and the Millennials
Talavera, Jesus  Jesus Christ and the Millennials
Wajntraub, Stephanie  Buddha's PR Campaign: Keep Zen Challenge

Assignment 5: Printed Material Influences Public Opinion

Spring 2015
Chonoles, Beth  Inter Gravissimas: The Birth of the Gregorian Calendar
Damalas, George  Temperance Movement
Dyer, Sarah  The Boston Tea Party and the Power of the Press 
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Influence of Illustrations in Newspapers on Social Movements
McMillan, Khiara  The Titanic & Printed Materials 
Morris, Jodi-Ann  The Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865
Mumford, Kareem  The Liberator 
Plasencia, Roseanna  First Woman’s Diploma
Shteyman, Julia  The California Gold Rush of 1849
Talavera, Jesus  American Revolution & The Printing Press
Wajntraub, Stephanie  Civil Rights Movement

Assignment 6: Giant Impact of the Small Screen

Spring 2015
Damalas, George  Television and Politics
Dyer, Sarah  The Giant Impact of the Small Screen
Jagga-Narang, Anu  Role of TV in 1950s 
Morris, Jodi-Ann  Radio, Television, Film and The Rastafarian Movement
Mumford, Kareem  The Harlem Renaissance In Radio
Plasencia, Roseanna  The Effects of TV on the Income Inequality Movements
Shteyman, Julia  The World Watched - The Holocaust, The Exodus
Talavera, Jesus  TV's Effect on Advertising