Your sponsorship of Museum events are what makes them possible. They are planned months ahead of time and entail coordination with presenters, acquisition and handling of original materials, securing venues and catering, outreach to attendees, graphic design and video production, travel arrangements for participants, and insurance. Participating sponsors are recognized at these live events and are also seen in the live-streamed video, and those viewers number in the thousands. Typically, these Museum events are attended by leading practitioners, educators, students and thought leaders.

Sponsorship Levels

$5,000 Largest logo or name exhibited among donors at event; first mention during welcoming and closing remarks at event with one line of promotion; recognition in on-site program, first mention on press releases; individual table at event for promotion; online promotion of logo including social media and Museum website

$2,500 Second largest logo or name exhibited among donors at event; mention during welcome and closing remarks; recognition in on-site program, mention in press releases

$1,000 Logo or name exhibited among donors at event; and on-site program

$500 Logo or name on on-site program

To sponsor, please email us at and let us know what event, future or past, that you'd like to support. Checks may be made payable to: The Museum of Public Relations, 61 Broadway, Suite 1050, New York, NY 10006. Thank you!