There are three ways to donate to the Museum of Public Relations:

  1. Financial support: Your tax deductible financial donation helps the Museum preserve, maintain and exhibit hundreds of rare, original materials documenting the  evolution of the public relations profession. As the  only archive of its kind in the world, the museum is increasingly called upon by business, academia, the media and government to provide content, data and visuals unavailable elsewhere. Donations may be made through our PayPal page, via check to our offices on Broadway (see address below) or email us for instructions to transfer securities to the Museum's brokerage account.
    Your funding helps the Museum with:
         — digitizing one-of-a-kind pamphlets, documents  and books to make them available online.
         — buying materials for our space at Baruch College, e.g., exhibit cases, signage, framing, and restoration supplies.
         — supporting part-time workers to assist with tours and lectures at the museum space and answering online queries.
  2. Papers, artifacts and books: We plan to continue building our collection with historically significant materials. One of our goal is to broaden our collection to include rare historical materials from countries outside of the U.S. Your donation is tax deductible and based upon the value of your materials. Kindly send us a note and photograph, if possible, describing the materials you would like to donate, and we will contact you. 
  3. Volunteering: As a nonprofit organization, we seek volunteers to serve in a number of capacities, depending upon one's skills, experience and interest. These could include: media relations, fundraising, event management and conducting tours. Kindly contact us with your CV and we'll be in touch.

Thank you

We'd like to thank these donors for their generous contributions

Individuals: David Albritton, Nick Ashooh, Chris Atkins, Paul Basista, Don Bates, Maxim Behar, Janet Bergman, Roger Bolton, Mary Lee Gold Broder, David Brown, Juan C. Cappello, Rebecca Carriero, Craig Carroll, PhD, Kathy Fitzgerald Cocca, Gerard Francis Corbett, Ron Culp, Anthony D'Angelo, Peter Debreceny, Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Robert DeFillippo, Wim Elving, Sam Travis Ewen, Stuart Ewen, Maxwell Feinstein, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feldman, Sharon Fenster, Patrick and Patricia Ford, Sharon Gamsin, Helio Fred Garcia, Benjamin Gorelick, Jeff Graubard, Vincent Hazleton, Lucas Held, Denise Hill, Julia Hood, Philipp Jago, Damir Jugo, Rene A. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Iwata, Yan Jin, Ken Kerrigan, Michael Lissauer, Ankica Mamic, Dick Martin, Tom and Wanda Martin, John Metekidis, Jeff Morosoff, Bob Murphy, Joyce and Richard Newman, Bill and Doris Nielsen, Dana Oancea, John Paluszek, Rosanna Carolina Plasencia, Matt Ragas, Bryan Reber, Donna Renella, Donna Rivera-downey, Craig Rothenberg, Karen Miller Russell, Sergei Samoilenko, Arsenio López Sánchez, Gary Sheffer, Shelley and Barry Spector, Yale Spector, Don Spetner, Don Stacks, Art Stevens, Katherine Stinson and Richard Muldoon, Troy P. Thompson, Chiara Valentini, Jean Valin, Dejan Verčič, Bruce Weindruch, Sally Benjamin Young and Laurie Zuckerman.
Organizations and corporations: Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication/The Pennsylvania State University,  Arthur W. Page Society, Council of Public Relations Firms, Edelman, Gagen MacDonald, Heyman Associates, Hidden City Cafe, Hispanic PR Association, J.R. O'Dwyer Company, Inc., Navistar, New York IABC, PadillaCRT, The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, Prime Research, PRSA Foundation, PRSA New York Chapter, Tribe Pictures, and Waggener Edstrom.

Individuals: Mary Adams, Louis Capozzi, Stephen Dishart, Tiffany Gallicano, Rick Gould, James E. Grunig, Ray Hiebert, Kenneth Kerrigan, Betsy and Raymond Kotcher, Grace Leong, Walter K. Lindenmann, PhD, Katherine Stinson and Richard Muldoon, Shelley and Barry Spector, and Mark Weiner.  
Organizations and corporations: Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication/The Pennsylvania State University, Arthur W. Page Society, Baruch College, Corporate Communication International, Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education, Hofstra University, Jackson, Jackson & Wagner, LLC, MMGY Global, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc., National School Public Relations Association, Paine Publishing, Pearson Education, PR Council, Prime Research, PRSA, Spector & Associates, and The Yankee Chapter PRSA.

Individuals: James Arnold, Chris Atkins, Don Bates, Norman Brust, Harold Burson, Joan Capelin, Lou Capozzi, Joseph Cohen, Peter Debreceny, Stuart Ewen, Jean Farinelli, Patrick and Patricia Ford, Muriel Fox, Sharon Gamsin, Rick Gould, Bruce Harrison, Mary Henige, Rene A. Henry, Bill Heyman, Toni Muzi-Falconi, Mickey Nall, Joyce and Richard Newman, Vern Oakley, Herb Schmertz, Shelley and Barry Spector, Art Stevens, Katherine Stinson and Richard Muldoon, Barbara and Richard Virgil, and Mark Weiner.  
Organizations and corporations: Baruch College, Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, Bloom, Gross & Associates, Burson-Marsteller, Charet Associates, Corporate Communication International, Davis+Gilbert, LLP, Heyman Associates, Hofstra University, Open Roan Integrated Media, Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication, Prime Research, and Spector & Associates.

“The Museum of Public Relations at Baruch College cannot survive on adulation alone. As the only 501(c3) documenting the legacy of the public relations profession, we all have a stake in its growth and future. Let’s help tell the story of our collective story together.”

—Gerard Francis Corbett,  2012 Chair and Chief Executive Officer PRSA,  Instructor, UC Berkeley and Chair and CEO Redphlag LLC

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