Denny Griswold's love for Public Relations

1986--"Public Relations News was my baby. It was born where all babies are born-in bed. What happened was this. When I was managing editor of Forbes, and when I was with Business Week, and when I was in public relations, I was constantly appalled at the lack of understanding of public relations on the part of top

Finally, one night in bed I poke my husband, who was then Glenn Griswold, the editor and publisher of Business Week (you must know that I practiced some personal public relations because after I joined the editorial staff of Business Week, the first woman to do so, I married the boss and that was Glenn Griswold the editor and publisher.)

Well, I poked Glenn and said, "Let's do it."
He looked at me in a rather bewildered way and said, "Do what?"
I said, "Let's start a publication in the public relations field." He said: "Oh, Denny, you're
always getting these ideas in the middle of the night Let's worry about it in the morning."
I said:"No, it's too good. Get up and we'll make notes."

We made notes all night long and the next day Glenn went down and resigned from Business Week. I, at the time, was the advertising and public relations director of Conde Nast. I resigned my post and we started Public Relations News. I get a lot of ideas, most of them are not good, but apparently this one really worked, because I have the great satisfaction of feeling that we pioneered a medium for developing an understanding of public relations that had never existed before.

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