First on many interviews with Bernays recorded by Barry and Shelley Spector

1923--"Many people believe public relations is press agentry, flackery, publicity. Public relations is not that. It is a two-way street, advising the client on attitudes and actions to win over the public on whom viability of the unit depends, and then educating, informing and persuading the public to accept these social goods, ideas, concepts, or whatever." Edward Bernays, responding to "how do you define public relations?"

Shot in April 1986 in Bernays's home in Cambridge, Mass., this was the first of dozens of interviews Barry and Shelley Spector recorded up until Bernays's death in March 1995. These videos have been available free of charge since the earliest days of the Internet and have been used extensively by the international PR community for 20 years. This particular video has been downloaded more than 45k times.

Watch the video here