Thank You for visiting!

We are always so happy to have visitors at the museum. We extend our thanks to the recent visits:

Prof. Joseph Stabb and students from SUNY Oswego for a great visit!

Joel Christoph, BSc Economics at University College London, and Dunya Baradari, Biomedical Sciences Student at University College London. It was great to see that despite their majors, they had a profound interest in public relations, having recently read Hans Koechler's "Global Justice or Global Revenge."

Kristin Johnson, author of "How to Succeed in a PR Agency."

Dr. Matthew Ellis, historian and professor at Sarah Lawrence.

Rostyslav Olenchyn, a businessman from Ukraine, who enjoyed comparing the recent Russian translation of "Crystallizing Public Opinion" to the 1923 original by Edward Bernays.

PR/Advertising students of the London College of Communications and their professor, Adrian Crookes. For the past four years, Prof. Crookes has brought his class to visit the Museum as their first stop on their annual trip to NYC.

Hally Chirinos, a recent Appalachian State graduate who now interns at Latin American Coalition – Charlotte, was taking the elevator to the Museum of Public Relations. She turned to Vernon Dennis, a public relations specialist at New York Football Giants, and asked Vernon if he could point her to the Museum. Vernon said, "What? There's a Museum of Public Relations?"

Have a look at the picture: