Boston PR pro Adam Ritchie Visits the Museum of Public Relations

Since the Museum is tagged on Google Maps, many people stop by because they happen to be in the neighborhood. Such was the case last Friday when Boston PR pro Adam Ritchie and his mom, Lynne, stopped by for a visit. Here they check out the unpublished 1928 manuscript from Ivy Lee, "Mr. Lee's Publicity Book," part of our cherished collection of archives from Lee biographer Ray Hiebert and his wife, Sheila Gibbons Hiebert; Arthur Page's famous pipe and ashtray (thanks to the generosity of The Arthur W. Page Center) and an original framed 1923 letter from Western Union commending Edward Bernays on his idea of making the brand synonymous with telegrams, from our extensive collection of artifacts given to us from the Bernays family in 1995 (with many thanks to daughter, Anne Bernays and grandson Lucas Held.) It was the collection from Bernays that launched the Museum in 1997.