Federico Sánchez Fogarty, a Mexican PR Visionary

Federico Sánchez Fogarty is a pioneer of public relations in Mexico. After the Mexican Revolution, he created a famous campaign for the cementing company Cemento Tolteca that helped promote the advantages of using cement in construction. Through this campaign, according to his biographers, he helped boost the development of a new artistic tendency in Mexico. For instance, during that time, Gibbs was the largest cementing company in the world. With Sánchez Fogarty as Tolteca’s publicist, the company outsold Gibss in Mexico in only one year.

It was precisely Sánchez Fogarty’s initiatives within Cemento Tolteca that gave him a name within the public relations profession back then. In 1925 he helped found the ‘Cement Magazine’ with eight thousand copies printed in its launch. In his job as an editor, Sanchez Fogarty wrote about the benefits of cement. His job was so successful that he got thousands of architects to try out the new product. But because he knew cement wasn’t appealing to all audiences, he decided to link construction with arts, creating art contests which won the attention of important artists at the time such as Rufino Tamayo. 

Sánchez Fogarty used this and many PR tactics that were way ahead of his time, helping impulse the profession in Mexico since the early 1920's.  Throughout his career he was an activist for the advertising profession. At age 21, he co-founded the National Association of Publicists, an academic organization for Mexican advertising.