Last Breath of the Famous Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen announced the end of production of its famous Beetle. The last of the Beetle family, the third-generation Beetle will go out of production in 2019 due to waning of nostalgia and sales. To celebrate the vehicle’s rich heritage and iconic cultural standing, VW announced the #VWBeetle Final Edition.


The Beetle was not just a car, it was a fixture of popular culture, symbol of the free-wheeling ‘60s, the ride of the baby boomer generation, and a true cultural icon.

VW’s Beetle was the center of one of the greatest print campaigns of all times. In the 50s and 60s, when cars were fashion statements, testosterone boosters, and muscles on wheels, VW's Think Small campaign promoted their Beetle to be the exact opposite of the ideal car, and how this was a great thing.

Think Small Campaign Poster