The Museum Finds a New Home at WeWork FiDi

After four wonderful years at Baruch College, the Museum will be leaving for our new home at WeWork FiDi, 85 Broad Street. From our very first event, starring Muriel Fox, James Arnold, Herb Schmertz and Harold Burson, and the scores of events and lectures that we held ever since, Baruch College has enabled us to share our profession's history with thousands of students, scholars and professionals from all over the world.


Thanks to Baruch, we've been able to expose students to many of the never-before-told stories about this profession, such as the role that African Americans, Latinos and women have played in our history, and the role that PR itself has played in the history of politics, culture and business over the millennia. We've given students first-hand exposure to the archives of Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, Ofield Dukes, Inez Kaiser, and Arthur Page. We've shown a generation who grew up online, how PR was practiced in the decades before the Internet, using century old candlestick phone, manual typewriters, telegraphs and stereograms.

We've had a pretty great run at Baruch. Special thanks to Michael GoodmanDick Martin and James Arnold who made it all happen four years ago, and to the Museum's co-founder, Barry Spector for taking the Museum from an idea 20 years ago and making it into one of the field's top educational institutions today-- the world's one and only.