An AP Stylebook Original

Below are two photos of AP Stylebooks: one is from 1967, the other one from 2017. Over the years, this essential writing guide has changed immensely, primarily due to societal advancements. For example, in the 2017 version, in situations of possible gender nonconformity, singular “they” is now acceptable as a pronoun when rewriting the sentence as plural would be too difficult.

Because the Stylebook adapted over the years, it is still relevant today and imperative to many professionals, offering a completely fundamental perspective on writing and syntax. It is generally used as a reference to grammar, punctuation, and principles of reporting, which have been adopted by the majority of broadcasting, magazine publishing, marketing departments, and public relations firms. This 1967 version of the AP Stylebook is a significant relic in the history of writing and the PR industry as a whole, and it is now featured in the Museum of Public Relations!