Story about the Issue of “The Wall Street Journal”

1889 -- “We appreciate the confidence reposed in our work. We mean to make it better.” – Charles Dow and Edward Jones in the first issue of “The Wall Street Journal”

By Julien Perocheau

Charles Dow and Edward Jones are known for creating the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), but they are also the creators of The Wall Street Journal. In 1882, Dow and Jones left the financial press agency, Wall Street Financial News Bureau, and created the Dow Jones Company, located in a tin...y basement on Wall Street. Two years after founding the firm, Charles Dow created a first stock average, composed of eleven companies - nine of which were railway firms. At first, the company published their news in bulletins designed and distributed to stock exchange traders. The company’s first official publication helped the two reporters to create awareness of the new index. In 1889, Dow and Jones expanded on the bulletin to create The Wall Street Journal. In 1896, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was officially published on a daily basis through The Wall Street Journal. The DJIA consisted of twelve industrial companies, including General Electric, which was growing tremendously because of Thomas Edison’s work. Over the decades, 51 changes have been made to the list of companies included in the DJIA. Currently, it consists of 31 companies. The Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal are among the most trusted resources for stock trade and information.


Célèbres pour avoir inventé le Dow Jones Industrial Average, Charles Dow et Edward Jones sont également les créateurs du Wall Street Journal. Démissionnaires de l’agence de presse économique Wall Street Financial News Bureau en 1882, les deux journalistes créent la Dow Jones Company dans un minuscule sous-sol du Financial district. Deux ans après la création de la firme, Charles Dow crée son premier index financier, à l’époque composé de onze entreprises (dont 9 compagnies de chemins de fer). Dans un premier temps, la Dow Jones Company publie des bulletins d’une page aux traders du Stock Exchange. Cette première publication officielle contribue à faire connaître ce nouvel index financier. En 1889, Dow et Jones étoffent le bulletin et créent donc le Wall Street Journal. En 1896, le Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) est officiellement publiée quotidiennement dans les colonnes du Wall Street Journal. Il rassemble 12 firmes, dont General Electric, en pleine expansion du fait des travaux de Thomas Edison. Au fil des crises et des booms économiques du 21ème siècle, 51 changements ont eu lieu au sain du listing du Dow Jones. Actuellement, 31 compagnies sont comprises dans cet indice. Le Dow Jones et le Wall Street Journal sont les sources d’informations financières les plus fiables et renommées au monde.