The rise of Muriel Fox and feminism

When Muriel Fox applied for a writing job at the Carl Byoir agency in the 1940s, she was immediately rejected. "Women aren't writers here," she was told, "they're secretaries." But Fox's persistence not only got her hired, it drove her quick rise up through the male-dominated ranks, becoming Carl Byoir & Associates' first woman vice president in the early '60s. In 1963 she met feminist author Betty Friedan, and the two co-founded the National Organization of Women (NOW). As its PR chair, Fox issued NOW's first press release, announcing the organization's plans to fight for equality and women's rights at work and society. Fox donated the original copy of this release to the Museum at our opening in Sept., 2014, and it's become one of our single most popular exhibits in the collection. See Fox's interview in the PBS special, the "Makers."