The History of "ticker-tape" Parades in New York City

World Cup champs were heralded today at a traditional Broadway "ticker-tape" parade--the first-ever female team to receive such an honor. Such parades have been a NY tradition since 1886, when Pres. Grover Cleveland dedicated the new Statue of Liberty. Since then, scores of politicians, sports champions, war vets and astronauts have glided down the parade route in Lower Manhattan, in an area now designated as the Canyon of Heroes. With the great abundance of ticker tape used by nearby brokerages, it became the medium of choice to use. These one-inch wide ribbons of paper strips were used to transmit up-to-the-minute stock prices from the floor of the nearby exchanges to brokers around the world. But with ticker-tape machines phased out in 1970, parade spectators make their own strips to celebrate with now.