The Women's Hall of Fame - Charlotte Klein

During her half-century career in PR, Charlotte Klein (born 1923) was well-known for her "big ideas". After several successful years in consumer PR, she told her agency boss, Ed Gottlieb, one day in 1955: "I don't want to keep pushing products. I want to do something more socially significant." Gottlieb responded, "Is the government of Israel socially significant enough for you?" Thus began Klein's successful campaign to build a positive image for the new state. Ten years later, Klein created perhaps the biggest idea of her career — the Women's Hall of Fame, in Seneca Falls, New York, on the very site of the first women's rights convention in 1848. Read about her life in Prof. Diana Martinelli and Prof. Elizabeth Toth's "Lessons on the Big Idea and Public Relations: Reflections on the 50-year Career of Charlotte Klein."