Prof. Masumi Kameda (U. of Tokyo) visits Museum

Last night, the museum welcomed Prof. Masumi Kameda from the University of Tokyo. Prof. Kameda is working on the first-ever Japanese translation of Bernays' "Crystallizing Public Opinion" (1923). We provided her with research materials from the earliest days of the PR field in the U.S., including original copies of Bernays' Contact newsletter from 1929. According to Prof. Kameda, Ivy Lee is far better known than any other of the field's other U.S. pioneers. So when she discovered originals of Lee's works in our archives, she was quite excited. Read Lee's "Publicity" (1924) in its original format here:…/…/ivy-lees-definition-of-publicity. More than 25 international researchers have visited the Museum since its opening at Baruch College in 2014, representing universities in Romania, the UK, Croatia, Holland, Brazil, Hong Kong and others.