Jin Qiu: Chinese Pioneer of Women's Right Movement

By Xueyao (Diana) Li

Jin Qiu (1875 - 1907) is one of the Chinese pioneers of Women’s right movement and modern democratic revolution. She sacrificed herself in overthrowing the feudal rule in Qing Dynasty, and died in the revolution at her age of 32. Ms. Qiu believed that women should not depend on men, and they had right to study with them. She published articles like “The Benefits of Speech” and “To China’s 200 Million Female Compatriots”, in order to attack the feudal system and promote women’s right. She cried, “If female education cannot be promoted, the nation won’t become stronger; if women’s right cannot be awakened, the power of our country will decline.” In 1907, she established the Chinese Female Newspaper, and wrote the foreword to a periodical saying that “today’s women will be the strongest power to rouse a democratic China”.


秋瑾(1875-1907),中国女权和女学思想的倡导者,近代民主革命志士。第一批为推翻满清政权和数千年封建统治而牺牲的革命先驱,为辛亥革命做出了巨大贡献。秋瑾一贯以提倡女权为己任,她说“女学不兴,种族不强;女权不振,国势必弱”,欲求男女平等,“女子必当有学问,求自立,不当事事仰给男子”。她以“鉴湖女侠”等笔名,在杂志上发表了《演说的好处》、《敬告中国二万万女同胞》、《警告我同胞》等文章,抨击封建制度丑恶,宣传女权主义,号召救国。她写道:“诸位,你要知道天下事靠人是不行的,总要求己为是。当初那些腐儒说什么‘男尊女卑’、‘女子无才便是德’、‘夫为妻纲’这些胡说,我们女子要是有志气的,就应当号召同志与它反对。” 1907年1月14日,《中国女报》创刊。秋瑾撰文提倡女权,宣传革命。以“开通风气,提倡女学,联感情,结团体,并为他日创设中国妇人协会之基础为宗旨”。并为该报写了《发刊词》,号召女界为“醒狮之前驱”,“文明之先导”。

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Black PR Pioneer: Bayard Rustin

"President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bayard Rustin posthumously in November 2013. The citation said: “Bayard Rustin was an unyielding activist for civil rights, dignity, and equality for all.”

Rustin is best known for organizing the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963, where more than 200,000 people gathered and where Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. gave his now world-famous “I have a dream” speech."

Find out more about the actions of Bayard Rustin onhttp://www.prmuseum.org/black-pr-pioneers/